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Fire suppression systems


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RAFT design and deliver fire suppression systems to a wide range of ships, from small fishing vessels to yachts and large cruise ships.


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We at RAFT focus on quality and training and our team has extensive experience in various fire suppression systems. We are also certified by DNV as a service provider.


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When rebuilding or upgrading a fire suppression system, we aim at retaining as much as possible of the existing hardware, with focus on cost-effective and sustainable solutions.


Our mission

Our core mission is to provide safe and effective fire protection systems and to reduce the overall weight, footprint and energy consumption.

RAFT is a marine supplier that specialises in fire suppression systems. We are located in Tønsberg, the oldest city in Norway. Our team has more than a decade of experience with new builds, conversions, and service.

RAFT design and deliver  customised low pressure water mist systems according to the client's specifications.

Custom Design

16 bar equals a water column of 160 meters and thus, low pressure water mist can cover even the largest ships.

Low Pressure

Low pressure water mist systems require less power than high pressure equivalents,  reducing the vessel's energy demand in an emergency.

Energy Efficient

A low pressure water mist system has few components, is easy to install and takes up little space. There is no need for large skids.

Small Footprint

RAFT is a Norwegian engineering company.

We specialise in delivering approved fire suppression systems for new builds and upgrades of existing water mist systems.


We deliver fire suppression systems for new builds & refit projects for a diverse range of vessels. Read about some of our projects. 

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The maritime industry is undergoing a significant transformation, where shipowners, designers and shipyards face challenges beyond capital investments, as they strive to meet the IMO goals of zero emissions.

A new generation of fuels, such as hydrogen, methanol and ammonia, challenges the established fire suppression regulations, where the regulatory framework for alternative fuels is still in the early stages.


The lack of a final conclusion even on fire suppression regulations for battery propulsion, indicates the complexity associated with emerging technologies.


RAFT, leveraging its experience and expertise, can play a role in finding technical solutions to address the challenges posed by evolving regulations.  Collaborating with class societies to gain approval for these solutions is essential to ensure their successful integration, while meeting all safety standards.

Future Fuels & Fire Safety

Fire bulb with fire and water

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Our tailored systems come at competitive rates across all markets. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or assistance.

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