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Open deck areas represent a challenge due to the constant supply of oxygen and the effect of wind that allows rapid development of a fire.

Deck area on a marine vessel

Our deck foam systems utilise a mixture of seawater and 1-3% low expansion foam, which is dispensed through monitors and hose reels. This creates a foam blanket that covers the fire, preventing it from spreading further.


Deck Foam systems applications:

  • LFL areas

  • Cargo tank areas



These systems comprise specially fitted drencher nozzles designed to ensure ample water coverage, to stop the spread of radiant heat and effectively cool surfaces, including steel structures and equipment.



Low flash point fuels (LFF) are highly flammable, making the fire protection system a crucial issue during vessel design and construction.


Drencher and high-velocity nozzles are strategically positioned around the tanks to ensure ample water coverage, effectively cooling the tank surfaces and the area around them.


Fire protection precautions for tanks on open deck:

  • Provide cooling of the tanks in case of fire.

  • Isolate the fire and prevent further spreading.

  • Effectively extinguish any fire in the tank surroundings.

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    RAFT dry chemical powder DCP


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