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RAFT suppression deliver low pressure water mist systems. Total flooding and local protection systems are installed in several areas with high risk of fire.

Engine rooms are particularly vulnerable to fire, due to numerous flammable materials and fire sources located in a relatively small area. Low pressure water mist is used as protection of machinery spaces and high risk areas, extinguish fires in a short time and limiting damages to a minimum. 

Areas where Total flooding water mist is effective :

  • Machinery space

  • Battery room

  • Emergency generator room

  • Switchboard room

  • Incinerator room

  • Boiler room

  • Control room

  • Storage room

  • Garage


In Machinery spaces, a low expansion foam may be used to extinguish flammable liquid fires such as fuel fires in bilge areas.

Water mist nozzle delivered by RAFT

Over the past few decades, water mist systems have been regarded as a fire suppression system of choice. The properties of low pressure water mist/FOG systems are environmentally friendly with safe and secure operation.

The system design by RAFT is tailor made for the interior constructions in all areas. The piping system is carefully calculated to meet both class and customer requirements.

With a system pressure in the rage from 2 to 16 bar the water damages are minimal, and a potential fire is put out immediately.

Low pressure water mist technology is proven to be an effective fire suppression system, consuming considerably less water, while keeping the power consumption to a minimum.

Water mist bilge nozzle delivered by RAFT
Sourses of fire

According to DNV, nearly 2/3 of the fires on ships have their source in the engine room. Fire-extinguishing systems are of great importance as a fire in engine rooms may disable the ship.


A fire need three elements to add up to a fire triangle:

a combustible material, heat and oxygen.

Water mist remove two of these elements: Heat and oxygen. The concentration of oxygen near the fire area is reduced when small water droplets are evaporated into steam or fog. This consumes energy from the heat radiation and prevent the fire from spreading to surrounding areas.

Fire triangle
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