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RAFT delivers a fixed Dry Chemical Powder system for LNG bunkering stations. The system efficiently puts out a fire by discharging 200 kg of powder in 45 seconds.

RAFT Suppression  Dry chemical powder systems for LNG bunkering stations.

All LNG bunkering stations are required to be fitted with a fixed dry chemical powder system. The Dry Chemical Powder system delivered by RAFT holds a DNV type approval according to IMO Res.391(95).


Inside the bunkering station, eight spiral nozzles are installed to cover all possible leak points. To avoid clogging and to ensure an even distribution of powder, the nozzles are symmetrically distributed. Upon system release, the powder tank is pressurized with nitrogen.


The system is suitable for B and C class fires. The dry chemical powder extinguishes the fire by suffocation and chemical intervention in the combustion process.

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    Dry chemical powder for LNG bunkering station


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