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Open and closed car deck areas can be covered with different types of water-based fire suppression systems. Designed in accordance with IMO Circ.1430 or FOR-2014-07-01-1099 §6.


Raft fire systems for ro-ro spaces

For closed vehicle spaces, low pressure water mist is ideal. In contrast, open car decks have distinct conditions that necessitate alternative coverage methods. Open deck areas represent a challenge due to the constant supply of oxygen and the effect of wind that allows rapid development of a fire. For open car deck areas, monitors and high velocity or drencher nozzles are used to compensate for wind conditions.


RAFT deliver deck foam systems. It forms a foam blanket on top of the flammable liquid, preventing flammable fumes and re-ignition. Depending on specific needs, local requirements such as foam curtains are incorporated.

Raft fire systems for ro-ro spaces
  • Foam Inductor
  • Foam Proportioner


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