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Vessel galley systems.

Water Mist for Galley Systems

RAFT Suppression provides tested and ISO 15371-approved low-pressure water mist solutions for Galley Duct and Deep Fat Fryer fire suppression. Our galley systems are integrated into the surrounding water mist system, offering a secure and dependable fire suppression solution for these high-risk areas. The activation of the low-pressure water mist system is environmentally safe and poses no harm to personnel, requiring minimal cleanup afterward.

Wet Chemical for Fat Fryer

CO2 for Galley Duct

We offer a standalone Wet Chemical system as an alternative for protecting Deep Fat fryers. This system holds MED-B type approval in accordance with SOLAS regulations. The system is capable of manual and automatic release. The release cabinet is supplied with connection for alarm and electric appliance

CO2 systems for galley duct is offered as a stand-alone alternative for protection of galley ducts. Approval for this system is required on a case-by-case basis. CO2 is highly effective for this specific fire hazard. The system features a compact design and offers manual release, along with connections for alarms and the shutdown of electrical appliances. 

  • Foam Inductor

  • Foam Proportioner
  • Foam Proportioner


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