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Service water mist - fire suppression

Approved service supplier

  • Water Mist Systems & other pressure water spraying systems (sprinkler and deluge etc.)

  • Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing Systems (DCP)

  • Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems for Deep Fat Cooking

  • CO2 galley duct fire Extinguishing Systems

  • CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems

  • Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems (Novec1230, FM200, Halon, Argonite)

  • Level Check of CO2 and other Gas Cylinders

  • Testing of foam mix and foam concentrates

Spare Parts

RAFT Suppression is an authorised service provider for inspecting and maintaining fire extinguishing equipment and systems. We are certified under DNV-CP-0484 to provide service and our certificate is applicable for the obsolete FlexiFOG water mist systems.

We offer direct replacement or equivalent spare parts for fire suppression systems originally provided by Autronica and Heien Larssen.

RAFT Suppression have demonstrated a professional knowledge of fire suppression systems and have proven special knowledge of water mist systems as well as other fire Extinguishing Systems delivered by Heien Larssen and Autronica Fire & Security.


  • Approved service supplier water mist

    Foam Inductor

    RAFT suppression is an approved service supplier for inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment and systems. RAFT is certified according to DNVGL-CP-0484 to perform service. Our certificate is also applicable for the obsolete FlexiFOG water mist systems.

    Approved Service Supplier

RAFT supply water mist systems for MF Karlsøyfjord

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