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RAFT Suppression presented at a trade show.

Who we are 

RAFT, based in Tønsberg, the oldest city in Norway, specialise in maritime fire suppression systems. With over a decade of experience in new builds, conversions, and service, our team prioritises the safety and satisfaction of all clients, ensuring a seamless process from initial planning to vessel handover.

Our commitment extends beyond design and construction to encompass service and support. Certified service technicians are readily available for assistance and annual inspections, providing clients with the assurance that their fleet and colleagues are safeguarded by an efficient fire suppression system.

The core of our fire suppression systems lies in reliability, compactness and energy efficiency. RAFT offer a diverse range of systems tailored to protect every type of vessel. With a strong emphasis on low power and water consumption, our engineering team utilises their expertise in automation, mechanics, hydraulics and product design to optimise and customise each system to the unique requirements of individual vessels


RAFT Suppression holds certifications according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. We ensure that all hardware and system components are officially approved for their intended use.


We have an in-house production line, and every project delivery undergoes testing (FAT) and approval by Class Authorities before leaving our factory. Our experienced and trained personnel handle commissioning, support and service. This is a vital part of our commitment to delivering quality.


As part of our company's Quality Management System (QMS), we utilise a high-end ERP system.

Company Policy

At RAFT Suppression, our core values are reliability, transparency, and cooperation/teamwork/partnership. These principles guide all our actions and reflect our commitment to excellence.

Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to constant improvements in every aspect of our operations. This includes refining our working methods, fostering personal development, collaborating with our suppliers, and improving our product offerings.


Quality Assurance

Quality, for us, means ensuring that our customers feel secure and satisfied with our products and the support we provide.


Prioritizing Safety

Safety is our foremost concern. Our customers entrust us with their lives and well-being at sea. Our experienced and well-trained personnel deliver high-quality products designed to protect lives and ensure safety.


Unified Goals

All our employees share a common objective: to support one another in their growth, acquire new knowledge, and collectively deliver outstanding results.


Environmental Responsibility

RAFT Suppression is committed to delivering fire suppression systems with a focus on environmentally friendly solutions. Our products are designed to be compact and energy-efficient, contributing positively to our customers' overall environmental objectives.


Environmental Compliance

We are committed to maintaining a constant awareness of the legal regulations that pertain to our activities in the external environment. We will consistently take appropriate actions to ensure compliance with these requirements.


Creating a Healthy Workplace

Our team collaborates to cultivate a workplace that promotes well-being and values every individual. Through equal treatment and teamwork, we can develop our skills for the benefit of both our employees and the company.


Prioritizing Work Environment

Our goal is zero injuries and a zero-tolerance policy for harassment. We place significant emphasis on collaboration to enhance the work environment. We identify hazards, assess risks, and continually evaluate all aspects of our work environment for ongoing improvement.

For us, the health, well-being, and security of our employees are essential measures of success.


Work Environment Compliance

We consistently stay informed on the legal requirements that apply to our workplace and proactively take steps to ensure our continued compliance with these regulations.

  • RAFT ISO9001 ISO14001

    Foam Inductor

    RAFT suppression is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015

    All hardware & system components are type approved for its purpose and use.

    Management System


RAFT always deliver on service. 


RAFT holds the standard of industry certificates


RAFT has a Global client list.

Global Client List

Raft Suppression AS

Wirgenes vei 8B

3157 Barkåker

tel: +47 40 40 46 49

Contact us


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