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RAFT is a Norwegian engineering firm, specialised in providing approved fire suppression systems for new construction projects. 

Raft fire systems for Newbuilds

Our team brings forth extensive experience in diverse fire suppression systems, utilising our hydraulic design expertise to optimise systems for minimal water consumption. We offer solutions with high capacity and low power requirement, meticulously engineered to deliver top-tier performance across various fire hazards.

We are committed to providing customers with a high standard of performance and reliability, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to environmental protection for future generations. RAFT is proud to have garnered support from Innovation Norway for our environmentally friendly solution, placing a strong emphasis on energy savings.


RAFT specialises in various aspects of water-based fire suppression systems, encompassing complex pipe networks, hydraulic calculations and automation. Our collaboration with class societies globally underscores our broad knowledge base, which can be applied to a range of applications. Customers are encouraged to reach out to us for assistance in addressing their specific challenges.

RAFT supply water mist systems for Silver Yachts.

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