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At RAFT Suppression we specialise in designing water mist systems tailored for accommodation areas, all in compliance with IMO Circ. 265(84).

Water mist accommodation

RAFT Suppression deliver low pressure water mist solutions that operate in a range between 6 and 16 bar, which have proven to be an efficient fire suppression system for accommodation areas. Further benefits are minimal water consumption and thus, negligible damage when employed, in addition to low power usage and one of the smallest footprints on the market.

The ceiling nozzles have an elegant, semi-concealed design, and the rosettes and cover plates can be ordered in custom design or RAL colour of choice to match the surrounding structure.

  • Resturants & bars

  • Public spaces

  • Corridors & stairways

  • Conference rooms, business centres & lobbies

  • Technical areas

  • Storage & laundry rooms

  • Saunas

For vessels above 500 GRT, a one-minute backup tank is required. RAFT deliver pressure tested and class approved tanks in various sizes, complete with all necessary equipment and installation drawings. 

Typical accommodation areas that are protected:

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    Foam Inductor

    Water mist nozzle RAFT suppression


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