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MS Karlsøyfjord Boat with Raft Suppression System

MF Karlsøyfjord

IMO: 9662710

Customer: Fiskerstrand Verft

Owner: Boreal

Vessel type: Ro-Ro / Passenger Ship

RAFT supply: Water mist system

MF Karlsøyfjord was converted from LNG propulsion to an all-electric propulsion with batteries as power source. RAFT extended the water mist system to cover the new battery room and we also delivered system design and all required software, hardware and approval documentation. The conversion was carried out at Fiskerstrand Verft.

MS Rem Eir

IMO: 9668647

Customer: VARD electro

Owner: Remøy Shipping

Vessel type: Offshore support vessel

RAFT supply: Water mist 

Several customers converting to battery hybrid propulsion have chosen RAFT to rebuild existing water mist system. RAFT have delivered water mist for battery room onboard Rem Eir. The rebuild was carried out at Vard Electro. RAFT are specialists in fire suppression for battery rooms.

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