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Car decks are covered with different types of water based suppression systems, depending on the surrounding conditions and local regulations. Closed car decks are generally covered with low pressure water mist / drencher nozzles, while open car decks represents different conditions that require other types of coverage. Local requirements like foam curtains are added where applicable.


Open deck areas represents a challenge when it comes to fire suppression due to the constant supply of oxygen and the effect of wind that allows rapid development of a fire.

These systems are based on seawater mixed with 1-3% low expansion foam, delivered though monitors and hose reels, covering the fire with a foam blanket to prevent further fire outbreak.

Deck Foam systems applications:

  • Helidecks

  • LFL areas

  • Cargo tank areas


Raft deliver LNG tank cooling and car deck drencher-systems. Drencher nozzles are fitted, to provide sufficient water coverage, prevent radiant heat from spreading and to cool down surfaces such as steel structures and equipment.


The use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as fuel is becoming more and more frequent in the maritime industry. LNG is highly flammable, making the fire protection system crucial consideration when constructing the vessel.

Drencher and High velocity nozzles placed around the LNG tanks to provide sufficient coverage of water to cool the surface of the tanks and their surroundings.

Fire protection systems for tanks on open deck:

  •  Provide cooling of the tanks in case of fire

  •  Isolate the fire and prevent further spreading

  •  Effectively extinguish any fire in the tank surroundings

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