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FirePro Aerosol


FirePro is suitable for small machinery spaces, switchboard rooms or areas where water is not desirable. FirePro aerosol generators are connected to the same control system as the water mist system.

FirePro is non-toxic, non conductive, non corrosive and non oxygen depleting, has no global warming potential and no ozone depletion potential.

Novec 1230

RAFT suppression cooperate with a certified supplier of Kidde Novec 1230 systems.

Novec 1230 is not harmful. Unlike other gas systems, the system can be released without any risk for life, health or environment.

The extinguishing medium is a liquid pressurized by nitrogen gas. Upon release, the liquid is atomized and have the same function as other gas systems. The liquid is developed to be an environmentally friendly replacement for halon and FM200. 


The liquid is non-conductive and can be used for fire extinguishing in areas with electronic equipment. 


Novec 1230 is suitable for fire hazards in class A, B and C.

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