Engine rooms are particularly vulnerable to fire, due to numerous flammable materials and fire
sources located in a relatively small area. Low pressure water mist are used as protection of machinery spaces and high risk areas, extinguish fires in a short time and limiting damages to a minimum.

Total flooding and local protection systems are installed in several areas with high risk of fire:

  • Machinery spaces

  • Battery room

  • Emergency generator room

  • Switchboard room

  • Incinerator room

  • Boiler room

  • Control room

  • Storage room

  • Garage

In Machinery spaces, a low expansion foam may be used to extinguish flammable liquid fires such
as fuel fires in bilge areas.

Causes of fire.png

According to DNV, nearly 2/3 of the fires on ships have their source in the engine room. Fire-extinguishing systems are of great importance as a fire in engine rooms may disable the