Galley Systems

Water Mist Machinery Area 



Low pressure water mist is used
for protection of machinery spaces. Both local protection surrounding the high risk areas, and total flooding that covers the whole machinery space.

Total flooding & local protection for machinery spaces are delivered with dry pipes and open water mist nozzles. Low expansion foam is a fire suppressant used to extinguish
flammable liquid fires such as fuel fires in bilge areas.


For gallery ducts and fat fryers RAFT suppression offers low pressure water mist solutions that are tested and approved according to ISO 15371.

The gallery systems are delivered as part of the surrounding low pressure water mist system, and provides these high risk areas with a safe and reliable solution for fire suppression.

The release of the low pressure water mist system causes no harm to the environment or personnel, with minimum need for cleanup after activation.


Low pressure water mist technology for accommodation areas is proven to be an effective fire suppression system. With low water consumption, minimum water damage and low power consumption, RAFT fire suppression system is a preferred solution.

The accommodation areas are provided with ceiling nozzles capable of perfectly blending in with its surroundings. The nozzles have an elegant semi-concealed design. The rosettes and coverplates are supplied in custom design or RAL color of choice.

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