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RAFT suppression deliver fire suppression systems for new builds & refit projects for a large variety of vessels.

Read about our recent projects.

MF Ryfylkeferjen


Westcon are building an aluminium battery hybrid ferry for Norled. RAFT have been chosen to deliver an innovative solution for fire suppression and cooling of the aluminium deck.

For Ryfylkeferjen, RAFT suppression have delivered water mist for machinery spaces, and the foam system for car deck areas.


The aluminium construction makes the vessel lighter, but the material properties represent a greater challenge regarding fire protection. This require extra capacity and cooling to protect the construction from fire that could potentially damage the structure.

In collaboration with Westcon and LMG, we have found a solution approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.



DS Hestmanden


DS Hestmanden was buildt in 1911 and survived both world wars. The ship is now sailing as a museum. RAFT have tailor made a fire suppression system to preserve its purpose.

DS Hestmanden is Norway's war sailor museum. From 2021 and the years to come Hestmanden will visit ports along the Norwegian coast. Hestmanden is a memorial to Norwegian war sailors.

The ship has undergone extensive restoration and is now certified according to regulations for protected ships. One of the requirements to approve sailing along the coast, was the certification of fire safety. RAFT have contributed to the preservation of the historical ship. The water mist system is tailor made to blend in and keep the vessels interior as authentic as possible.



SilverYachts H6

Silver Yachts H6

RAFT are proud to deliver the fire suppression system for one of SilverYachts luxury vessels. The superyacht exterior is designed by Naval Architect and Designer Espen Øino.

The impressive 85 meter superyacht is built for high performance with a low weight aluminium hull and superstructure.

The Australian built yacht can accommodate up to 16 guests and 21 crew on board, and is listed as one of the largest yachts in the world.

RAFT suppression have delivered a water mist system, covering machinery spaces, and accommodation areas. Our focus is systems with small footprint, low power consumption and high fire suppression capacity. This make our solution perfect for vessels focusing on weight and fuel savings.

Hanseatic H6

MS Boka Tiamat

Boka Tiamat

RAFT have extended a series of FlexiFOG systems for customers converting to battery hybrids. One rebuild was made for Topaz Tiamat, an OSCV designed by Vard. 

The multipurpose offshore vessel vas ordered as Topaz Tiamat, now sailing under Boka Tiamat. The vessel has been equipped with a battery pack for hybrid propulsion, which will reduce fuel consumption and emissions to the environment. 

RAFT have experience with deliveries of water mist systems for battery rooms, and have successfully rebuilt the FlexiFOG system onboard Boka Tiamat. 

MS Topaz Tiamat

MF Gildeskål


Torghatten have lenghtened one of their vessels. The foam fire suppression system onboard Gildeskål is rebuildt and delivered by RAFT. We are proud to be a trusted supplier to Torghatten.

Gildeskål was built in 1993 and the ferry operate the route between Sund, Horsdal and Sørarnøy outside of Bodø. 

The ferry was extended  and refitted at Tromsø Mekaniske. RAFT refitted the existing foam system, originally delivered by Solberg scandinavian. The foam fire extinguishing system is upgraded to allow Gildesål to sail with dangerous goods on board.

RAFT are a trusted supplier and perform service at many of Torghattens vessels.

MF Gildeskål

B.C. Ferries Salish Heron

Salish Heron

Salish Heron is an LNG fueld ferry with capacity of 108 vehicles and up to 600 passengers and crew. RAFT delivered fire suppression systems for car deck and the LNG bunkering station.

Salish Heron is B.C.Ferries fourth Salish class ferry, built at Remontowa Shipbuilding in Gdansk, Poland .


The vessel is built to support B.C. Ferries goal to be efficient and environmentally responsible.

RAFT is proud to supply the vessel with drencher system for all car deck areas, and our dry chemical powder system for LNG bunkering station.

B.C. Ferries Salish Heron
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