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RAFT is a Norwegian engineering company, delivering approved fire suppression systems for new builds. Our team have experience from a wide range of fire suppression systems and we use our expertise in hydraulic design to optimize the system to keep the water consumption at minimum. We focus on solutions with high capacity and low power consumption. All systems are designed with great precision to deliver the best performance for all fire hazards.

RAFT is proud to have received support from Innovasjon Norge for our environmentally friendly solution with high focus on energy savings.

RAFT offer customers a new level of performance and reliability, while protecting the environment for future generations.


RAFT have expertise in a large aspect of water-based fire suppression systems and competence in complex pipe networks, hydraulic calculations and automation. We communicate with class societies from all over the world. Our experience can be useful for other applications.


All of our customers can contact us for help to solve their challenge.

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